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The Difference
The Difference

Interesting article from Dave Kerpen

A few weeks ago I received a postcard in the mail from the CEO of Petra Coach, the creator of Align Software and a fellow member of Entrepreneurs Organization. I’ve never met him, but Andy Bailey and his postcard that I hung up on my wall have already had a profound effect on me, reinforcing values I believe in and reminding me on a daily basis of the attitudes and habits that I know I need to embrace in order to become successful.

Below are the 16 differences between successful people and unsuccessful people that Andy Bailey and the postcard claim, followed by a picture of the postcard itself:

1. Embrace change vs. Fear change

Embracing change is one of the hardest things a person can do. With the world moving so fast and constantly changing, and technology accelerating faster than ever, we need to embrace what’s coming and adapt, rather than fear it, deny it or hide from it.

2. Want others to succeed vs. Secretly hope others fail

When you’re in an organization with a group of people, in order to be successful, you all have to be successful. We need to want to see our co-workers succeed and grow. If you wish for their demise, why even work with them at all?

3. Exude joy vs. Exude anger

In business and in life, it’s always better to be happy and exude that joy to others. It becomes contagious and encourages other to exude their joy as well. When people are happier they tend to be more focused and successful. If a person exudes anger, it puts everyone around them in a horrible, unmotivated mood and little success comes from it.

4. Accept responsibly for your failures vs. Blame others for your failures

Where there are ups, there are most always downs. Being a leader and successful businessperson means always having to accept responsibility for your failures. Blaming others solves nothing; it just puts other people down and absolutely no good comes from it.

5. Talk about ideas vs. Talk about people

What did we all learn in high school? Gossip gets you nowhere. Much of the time it’s false and most of the time it’s negative. Instead of gossiping about people, successful people talk about ideas. Sharing ideas with others will only make them better.

6. Share data & info vs. Hoard data & info

As we all learned in kindergarten, sharing is caring. In social media, in business and in life, sharing is important to be successful. When you share you info and data with others, you can get others involved in what you are doing to achieve success. Hoarding data and info is selfish and short-sighted.

7. Give people all the credit for their victories vs. Take all the credit from others

Teamwork is a key to success. When working with others, don’t take credit from their ideas. Letting others have their own victories and moments to shine motivates them and in the long term, the better they perform, the better you’ll look anyway.

8. Set goals and life plans vs. Do not set goals

You can’t possibly be successful without knowing where you’re going in life. A life vision board, 10 year plan, 3 year forecast, annual strategic plan, and daily goal lists are are useful tools of the mega-successful people in your life. Get your vision and goals down on paper!

9. Keep a journal vs. Say you keep a journal but don’t

Keeping a journal is a great way to jot down quick ideas or thoughts that come to mind that are not worth forgetting. Writing them down can lead to something even greater. You can even use mobile apps or your Notes function in your phone. But don’t fool yourself by saying you keep a journal and not following through.

10. Read every day vs. Watch TV every day

Reading every day educates you on new subjects. Whether you are reading a blog, your favorite magazine or a good book, you can learn and become more knowledgeable as you read. Watching television, on the other hand, may be good entertainment or an escape, but you’ll rarely get anything out of TV to help you become more successful.

11. Operate from a transformational perspective vs. Operate from a transnational perspective

Transformational leaders go above and beyond to reach success on another level. They focus on team building, motivation and collaboration across organizations. They’re always looking ahead to see how they can transform themselves and others, instead of looking to just make a sale or generate more revenue or get something out of the way.

12. Continuously learn vs. Fly by the seat of your pants

Continuously learning and improving is the only way to grow. You can be a step above your competition and become more flexible because you know more. If you just fly by the seat of your pants, you could be passing up opportunities that prevent you from learning (and growing!)

13. Compliment others vs. Criticize others

Complimenting someone is always a great way to show someone you care. A compliment gives a natural boost of energy to someone, and is an act of kindness that makes you feel better as well. Criticizing produces negativity and leads to nothing good.

14. Forgive others vs. Hold a grudge

Everybody makes mistakes; it’s human. The only way to get past the mistake is to forgive and move on. Dwelling on anger only makes things worse – for you.

15. Keep a “To-Be” list vs. Don’t know what you want to be

A “To-Be” list is a great way to strategize for the future. I want to be an elected official one day. I want to be a TED speaker. I want to be the CEO of a public company. I want to be a great father and husband. Unsuccessful people have no idea what they want to be. If you don’t know what you want to be, how can you achieve success? What do you want to be?

16. Have Gratitude vs Don’t appreciate others and the world around you.

Moments of gratitude, each and every one, transform my life each day- and unquestionably have made me more successful and more happy. The people who you are grateful for are often the ones who have a huge part in your success. Be sure to thank everyone you come in contact with and walk with a spirit of gratitude and appreciation and even wonder, about the world around you. Gratitude is the ultimate key to being successful in business and in life.

Now it’s your turn. Which of these 16 items resonate most with you? What makes you successful in today’s business world or in life? Please let me know your thoughts in the Comments section below!


Say Goodbye to Management Hierarchy! Or The Hottest New Trend In Management?

Tony-Hsieh-ZapposThis is interesting. “Holacrasy” as it is known, is about getting rid of traditional managers, job titles and the typical corporate hierarchy. It’s being deployed in Zappos bought up by Amazon in 2009 for 1.2 Bn. Tony Hsieh is well known for his unusual approach to running a business won’t even be CEO.

Read on…. let me know your thoughts.


Brands, Large and Small Companies Can No Longer Ignore Social eCommerce

Social Commerce has hit some setbacks as of late. It is be the next logical step of e-commerce, with the proliferation of smart phone set to explode on a global basis it seems like an obvious next step. Yet the concept hasn’t taken off the way that many people have expected.

In 2011 something profound happened. The number of smart phone sold exceeded the number of PC’s sold. In February 2012 Smart phones in the US represented 46% of the market up from 35% at the end of 2011. It is predicted that Tablet sales will outsell PC’s within 3 years. Apps sales grew into a $10 billion industry growing at 100% per year. When you combine mobile, social, photos, music and gaming the growth is profound. Instigram have 25+ million users. Drawsomething became the number 1 app in 79 countries with 12+ million users, generating $100,000+ of revenues a day all within in 6 weeks of launch. AOL took 9 years to get 1 million users, Facebook took 9 months. Global internet users will double over the next few years and most of that will be mobile.

However, Apps apart, social e-commerce has not taken off.  Companies and brands have been keen uptake and attempt social e-commerce programmes, but while platforms such as Facebook were perfect for this trend to gather pace, consumers do not appear to be as keen. Before long, certain brands began shutting down their Facebook services due to a lack or return, which in light of the firecast growth in mobile internet connectivity could be deemed hasty or a warning sign depending on how you viewed it.

It also raises another question, does the age profile using social media have the spending power? As the age profile grows the spending power will improve. So one assumes this will not be an issue.

However, it doesn’t mean that social commerce is a failure now, instead it has resulted in sites realising that you need to do more than just tack on a Facebook page and expect the revenue to begin rolling in. New ways of engaging with users and different payment models are being explored as it enters its latest phase. As consumers are getting accustomed to immediate discovery and the lower prices associated with e-commerce, a new host of start-ups are appearing, ready to begin round two.

Current e-commerce system needs to be shaken up considerably for the opportunities in mobile if nothing else. Facebook could be well positioned to take advantage of this, and it certainly needs to be if it’s to retain its relevance and stronghold over the market that it has enjoyed over the past few years. Google, Microsoft, mobile operators and others are all looking at this space.  But the one certainty is all companies big and small need to embrace social ecommerce now to create and maintain competitive advantage. Those who don’t will get a nasty surprise.

The Winklevoss twins set up VC Firm

The Winklevoss twins (yes, the guys who sued for the Facebook idea) have announced they have set up a new VC Firm, aptly-named Winklevoss Capital. Both brothers appeared on “The Squawk Box” to discuss their firm. Through all the clichés was a simple message “We invest money.”

It will be interesting to see how they grow. The interviewers and media don’t really appear to take the guys seriously yet. So let’s see what the twins invest in. This will be an interesting media circus until thye do something serious. Either make a wedge or lose wedge.